February Offer – 10% off ALL BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE and 20% VIP Package

February Offer – 10% off ALL BASIC SERVICE PACKAGE and 20% VIP Package

Let’s start the new year full of energy with Nha Trang Sen Spa Village!

The beginning of the first days of the year is a time when you prioritize taking care of yourself, a time to refresh your spirit for good health and prepare to make great strides in 2023.

Come to Lotus Village Spa for first times – You will remember forever because the special things are only here

Lotus Village Spa provides customers with the number 1 standard of Oriental Medicine Spa and Massage services in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.

Beside that, Lotus Village Spa is the first place you remember when you want to take care of your health, get therapy when you have bone and joint problems or want to relax mentally.

  • Lotus Village Spa with a space imbued with Vietnamese identity with the main design of lotus flowers and located right on the sea front in the center of Tran Phu
  • Package Servics at Lotus Village Spa are provided by well-trained and professional technicians who will bring you great experiences!
  • Lotus Village Spa is always the first choice of tourists nationwide, when you need a place to relax to regenerate energy after a long journey of discovery at famous landmarks in the City. Nha Trang beach.
  • With a capacity: 120 beds & dedicated chairs. Single VIP rooms, double VIP rooms, family rooms, small and large dormitories. Lotus Village Spa always meets the needs of every customer at all times. We are pleased to welcome you!
  • Treatment packages suitable for different ages, not only treat but also help your body “beutiful” , giving you the best spirit to enjoy the joy of this day.
  • The space of Lotus Village Spa is selected with many designs to give you a feeling of relaxation when you were here. You will relax your body, immerse yourself in a warm, gentle, quiet space with melodious meditation music, beautiful lotus flowers, fragrant essential oils… and many interesting things are waiting for you
  • Then you will experience Oriental Medicine Massage Therapy courses here with professionally massage technician.

Many precious herbs are searched and brought to you by the team of Lotus Village Spa, ensuring the best for your health.

Lotus Village Spa is confident to satisfy any customer when coming here







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